Friday, May 28, 2010

Laena Wilder

Laena Wilder: Recollections
Photographer Laena Wilder discusses her series "Recollections"

3 pieces from her "Ocularium" series are now on view at Skotia Gallery

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ocularium: Laena Wilder on Memory and the Photographic Process

Photographer Laena Wilder discusses memory and it's role in photography

Chambers of recall exist
within each person. Like the dark interior of a camera, our minds collect and
store sensual information. As light touches silver coated film, so do moments
in time etch themselves upon our psyches…

…However, unlike a photographic negative whose image is stable,
self-reflection reveals an ever-changing landscape. Accuracy is lost. We fall
prey to imagination, fragmentation and distortion. We are often comforted by
the apparition of what was
-Laena Wilder

Select pieces from Laena's Ocularium series are now on view atSkotia Gallery. Please contact us with any inquiries at 505.820.7787 | 866.820.0113 or You may view available pieces by clicking here.